Origami tulips are a great way to show your springtime spirit, or to brighten up any day of the year! They are also a popular item to give as a gift. In this blog post, I will provide step-by-step origami tulip instructions. This is a relatively easy project that anyone can do! So what are you waiting for! Let’s get started!

Origami Tulip Instructions: A Video Walkthrough

If you are a good video learner then the video above should make it more than easy for you to follow along and create your first origami tulip! As always, you can create this tulip with any color paper you would like! You can also draw on it and do as you please with it. Really get creative with it!

If you really want to master this then you should go ahead and make this origami tulip a few times! Not only will you master it but you’ll also have plenty of flowers to go and hand out! Now, if you prefer a different form of learning I have also prepared step-by-step origami tulip instructions for you to follow down below!

Origami Tulip Instructions: A Step-By-Step Guide

1. Creating the First Diagonal Crease

Fold the upper left corner to the lower right corner, then unfold.

2. Creating the Second Diagonal Crease

Fold the upper right corner to the lower left corner, then unfold.

3. Folding Backwards and Unfolding

Fold backwards, then unfold.

4. Performing a Squash Fold

Squash Fold.

5. Folding the Upper Layer Upwards

Fold the upper layer upwards over the dotted lines.

6. Turning the Paper Over

Turn over.

7. Repeating the Upward Fold

Repeat step 5.

8. Folding the Lower Layer Upwards

Fold the lower layer upwards.

9. Folding the Upper Layers Along the Dotted Lines

Fold the upper layers over the dotted lines.

10. Folding the Lower Layer Upwards Again

Fold the lower layer upwards.

11. Inflating the Origami Model

Blow air into the model.

12. Spreading the Flaps for the Desired Shape

Spread the flaps to the desired shape.

13. The Completed Origami Model

Congratulations! Your origami model is now complete. Enjoy your final product!

There you have it! Now that you’ve gone through both the video and the graphic instructions you should be nothing short of a pro with this origami creation! Get out there and really customize these tulips to fit you and what your imagination desires! Down below you’ll find these same instructions but in a downloadable and printable format!

Origami Tulip Instructions: Printable Guide

I hope you have got what you came looking for and have enjoyed the process of creating this origami tulip! There are many more different origami flowers you can make as well! Your paper folding journey should just be starting here and you should go and explore all the other incredible designs you can make! Check out all of my other designs and easy guides and just keep on creating!